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Office 2007 Tips 'n' Tricks – Part 01

This is part of my notes, I took in Vinod's session organized by BDotNet Group (Bangalore Dot Net Group). This article is not formatted well, sorry for that, feel free to ask if you have any doubts.

Microsoft Outlook 2007

  • eMail
    • Space - Page Scroll
    • Collapsible panel , sort by to / from
      • Type and go to particular persons email
    • Message TimeLine View (available in advance tool bar)
    • Search folders
      • Get larger emails
      • Unread emails
      • Or any other custom criteria
      • This is easiest way to view / organize single folder , similar as VIEW of a TABLE
      • Search does not include calendar
    • Right Click on the mail -> create rule (Fastest way to create rule)
    • Navigation
      • Ctrl + 1 , 2 , 3, 4
    • Flags
      • Flag for tomorrow / next week etc
      • drag to calendar icon and create reminder with that email….. too easy.. J
    • Drag 'n' Drop eMail
      • On Calender
      • On Task
    • "Compact Now"
      • When any file is deleted outlook does not actually release space from pst
      • Compact now will compact the pst
      • Right click on pst file in outlook folder pane -> properties -> advance -> compact now
    • Archiving
      • In Outlook 2007 archiving is possible @ folder level
      • Archiving is good too speed up outlook
  • Calendar
    • Two time zones
    • Break Minutes -> 30 Mins, 60 Mins. ( can be set according to your need)
      • Thumb Rule: Do not attach big attachment with calender
  • Word
    • Drag
      into open dialog box favorite
    • Shift + Enter
      To give summary like this and do not put new bullet
    • Formatting
      • Copy: Ctrl + Shift + C
      • Paste: Ctrl + Shift + V
      • Lines (Auto Correct Options)
        • ---
          Three hyphen / dash and press enter for single thin line

        • ___
          Three underscores and press enter for single thick line
        • ===
          Three equal to sings and press enter for double line


  1. You can also Compact PST File using Stellar Compact PST software that Compress PST File to reduce its size & hence saves it from corruption.


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