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Who is Behind,, & ?? !!

I am not sure who registered the .com , .net and .org but is registered by ME !

.org and .net sites are showcasing popular eGadgets. 

.com is now redirecting to a Google page Let’s work together :)

Google says Bing took the top result, and these ( and sites are doing almost the similar activity !

You must have read the news of similar text. If not you may use this link (Official Google blog). I am not sure how if and how they did this ? Some one said it is “Cheap Imitation”  but to me it is “Getting things done (any how) ” :) , “Keep the business running” :D . IMO Imitation also require lots of innovation and creativity …

Google says it all started with tarsorrhaphy  in summer 2010 and Google created “synthetic queries”, almost 100 such queries . Google shows the screenshot of search result of hiybbprqag on Google and Bing. I also did search of hiybbprqag on Google and Bing but surprisingly I could not find the results of the screen shot, but i could see a long list of results. World was blogging , posting , twitting about the same . The keyword had become very popular ! , even though the word is difficult to spell !

I thought will there be any site going on ? I was sure that no one will register website for this name. But , When I checked on , & were already registered !! More surprisingly the was registered on 1st Feb , and were registered on 2011-02-02 . Google published the post on the same day !

The was not pointing to any hosting space, and was registered with Where as, pointing to same look ecommerce site !! The footer of the website had copyright information where the .org points to .net and vice versa. This site is build on Wordpress and this shows many popular gadgets for sale. But you can not purchase from this site you have to go to to buy the item. It sounds the similar action taking the top results to other site.

In the first case of (possibly) pulling search results someone (Google) is unhappy , and in the second case of pulling the top products someone (Amazon) would surely be happy !!!

It is all about from which side you are …

Thanks for reading.. see you later… drop your comments…


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