Thursday, May 26, 2011

Skype Crash Solution : 26 May 2011

Today Skype was facing some issue. Skype started crashing on all computers (PC and MAC).
To solve this issue ( this is workaround till fix is released)
  1. Click Start, type run and press Enter. (On Windows XP: Click Start and then Run.)
  2. Type the following and click OK.
  3. %appdata%\skype
  4. Locate and delete the file shared.xml. OR rename it to old.shared.xml
    if you can't find the file ensure that hidden files and folders are shown.
  5. Restart Skype.
  1. Open Finder and locate the following folder:
  2. ~/Library/Application Support/Skype
  3. Delete the file shared.xml OR rename it to old.shared.xml
  4. Restart Skype.
- Baljeetsingh

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