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Email-Intervention - Official Google Blog: Save your friends from outdated email—help them switch to Gmail

Official Google Blog: Save your friends from outdated email—help them switch to Gmail.....

GMail launched its new campaign to invite your contacts who are not using Gmail !! ( I never expected google will need campaign to invite to gmail in 2011!!) 

as described in post It is simple, go to
Either you add email address manually or login to your gmail account and google will pull the contacts. Select the contacts you want to invite to gmail, select email template ( you can also edit the text if you want) and invite them

I found something interesting while i was selecting contacts to invite. The contact picker showed thet and were in list!! Meaning that they are not in Gmail ?? !! Thats when i realize the contact picker just removed the contacts and all other emails were shown, where as it should even not show the Google apps emails.

It is one of the good way to invite your non gmail contacts to gmail .

Be careful / Problems / Bug / Need Improvement

1. It allows to invite 40 contacts only at one shot, but it never shows a counter like x/40 only when you click send it says select top 40 !

2. The list shows all non gmail contacts always .. after you send invite then also the list is not updated !! Ideally it should remove the invited contacts .

3. Microsoft Exchange spam filter are detecting the invite email as junk / spam email !! I really forgot, but there was one more wired thing with inviting to gmail... i will updated if ...

- Baljeet


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