Saturday, March 15, 2014

How to accept outlook meeting invite via keyboard shortcut ?


There are two ways you can accept a meeting request.

1. when you are browsing list mail (and invite isn't opened)

2. wen you have opened the invite

for 1)

When the meeting invite is the focused email

  • press SHIFT + F10 this will open the context menu(right click menu of invite)
  • now press C again C and ENTER 
  • now use common response keyboard shortcut










for 2) 

  • can use ALT + H to navigate to ribbon
  • C to do the click effect on pull out accept response option
  • now use common response keyboard shortcut (as below)


Common Response Key

both ways once you select accept you can use any of following to respond

  • E Edit the response before sending.
  • S Send the response now.
  • D Don't send a response.


- Baljeetsingh

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