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Art of Delegation (WIP)

- Baljeetsingh
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Dot Net Learning Videos / Dot Net Interview Preprations

Do you want to learn DotNet ? Do you want to prepare for DotNet interview ? Are you looking for Best DotNet (.Net) video Tutorials ? Learn DotNet (.net) in 2 Weeks and being coding Here are few of my recommendations that would help students from any university or any freshman developer and begin coding in DotNet (.Net) this is my recommended sequence  Try them out and let me know in comments - Baljeetsingh

Learning Angular With Baljeet : Day 01

I would be posting a series on learning angular js I would be posting small todos, if you follow along you should be able t To Beging with 1. you need to install Node.JS ( 2. Node.js would get you npm also 3. Download WebStorm as Editor 4. Download Angular CLI command npm install -g @angular/cli) 5. Create new angular app (command d:\RnD\Angular\> ng new HelloAngular 7. open your newly created project in browser by command ng serve --open one pending todo here is overview of the angular project basic terminolgies app --> module --> component every component would have --> .ts , .css, .htmls , .spec file - Baljeetsingh

Formatting your Skype messages

  Bored with plain text ? Need some spices to your Skype messages ?   Here is what you can do

Find out Why Is Rahul Gandhi Smiling ?

#WhyISRahulGandhiSmiling Here is public opinion on why rahul gandhi is smiling .. You got better idea on why he is smiling Tweet #WhyIsRahulGandhiSmiling Tweets about "#whyisRahulGandhiSmiling" - Baljeetsingh

How to accept outlook meeting invite via keyboard shortcut ?

  There are two ways you can accept a meeting request. 1. when you are browsing list mail (and invite isn't opened) 2. wen you have opened the invite