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HTC Wildfire Gets Android 2.2 Froyo update

Yes, Thats correct HTC has quietly (brilliantly) shipped the long pending Android
2.2 - Froyo update for the HTC Wildfire . I have updated my HTC to Android 2.2.
I am gonna share my experience which one should read before starting the upgrade.
  • Statistics
  • Pre-Requisite
  • Process / Steps
  • What you get? (features of Android 2.2 Froyo)
  • What you loose?


  • Update size : 58 MB
  • Download time : 9 minutes (on 1Mbps link)
  • Upgrade Time : 30 Minutes
  • Total Time : 40 Minutes


  • Battery should be charged (at least) 25% (else installation won't start
  • Charger connected would be better
  • Network availability (Wireless / 3G)
  • You should not be expecting any important call (girl friend, boss, interview. As
    the phone would not be ready to operate during the update process

Process / Steps

  1. Go to settings ->About phone -> System Software Update -> Check now

  2. Select the network from which you would like to download (Wireless / 3G). Check
    your network operator about the data charges.

  3. Once the download is ready It will ask install no w or install later

  4. Install will reboot the phone and will get into the phone update mode

  5. Once the above process is done you will see the HTC quietly brilliant screen for
    a long time , approx 10 mintues, just be patient

  6. After the patch application and OS booting is done you will see your lock screen.
    The phone is still not usable , leave it for 10 minutes and try to unlock

  7. IF process is not over than upon unlock you will see a screen with HTC and white
    background... means you have to wait

  8. IF all process is are done you will see that your system software is updated (After
    unlocking the screen).

  9. Click ok , this will run one more quick process and your HTC wildfire is updated
    to Android 2.2 Froyo

What you get? (features of Android 2.2 Froyo)

  • Speed ! :) it is responding quick
  • Move an application to SD card (if the application is build on Android 2.2)
  • Your phone as portable Wifi Spot
  • Android 2.2 apps in market like the Priority inbox (Gmail), but i hated the new
    Gmail toolbar. It looks ugly !
  • More security features
  • etc..

What you loose?
  • Your unlock pattern, you have to reset it or use the pin (new)
  • Old Gmail :(
  • etc.. (if exist)

Thanks Google and HTC team. Happy Holidays !

Cheers, - Baljeet


  1. Niiissshhh :) Congrats !! me will wait for HTC Desire HD !!!

  2. Niiissshhhh.... Congrats :) Me still waiting for HTC Desire HD :(


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